About the Session

Janeen Uzzell, NSBE; Ebonie Wimbish, Airport Minority Advisory Council; Saran Sesay, Howard University

Speakers: April Rai, Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO); Rochelle Williams, National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE); Sara Stickler, Women in Transportation (WTS), Eboni Wimbush, Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC)

This session will be a panel discussion to explore ways in which partner organizations can work with ACEC and our member firms to achieve our goal of achieving a more diverse work force in the Engineering industry.  A lack of engineering talent is the most significant limiting factor for our member firms to grow and to delivery their services. With such a large talent pool that is available in less traditionally and under represented populations, what can we do together to expose these talented people to our industry and attract them to and keep the in our firms.