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Open to all Full and Tuesday Daily attendees.


Overcome and Thrive: How to Overcome Obstacles and Win This Fight Called Life

Justin Wren, Humanitarian, Author, MMA Fighter, Mental Health Advocate and Podcast Host

In the electrifying arena of life, we all step into the ring, donning the gloves of struggle, pain, and adversity. In the face of every challenge, we have a choice to make – a choice to rise, to fight, and to overcome.

As an MMA fighter, I have danced in the octagon, where every second counts and every blow matters. But my toughest fight, my most grueling bout, was not inside those steel cage walls. It was the battle within my own mind, the war against self-doubt, fear, and the weight of past failures.

This speech is not just about fighting in the ring– it’s about fighting for your dreams, your purpose, and the meaningful impact only you can create. Together, we will unravel the secrets of the Overcomer’s mindset, the unyielding spirit that separates the victors from the defeated. It’s time to transform pain into fuel, setbacks into comebacks, and doubts into unwavering belief.

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Hear from ACEC’s advocacy team on the top policy issues facing the engineering industry, including the future of federal infrastructure funding and major tax debates. The Council’s lobbyists will brief attendees on the legislative and regulatory outlook for the rest of the year and into 2025 and will prep ACEC members for visits with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.