About the Session

Javier A. Baldor, BST Global

Artificial intelligence and big data are changing the face of the AEC industry. Hence, in April 2024, BST Global brought together 15 senior technology visionaries from the world’s preeminent architecture, engineering, and environmental consultancies to share how they’re preparing for an AI-powered and data-driven future.

BST Global Chief Executive Officer Javier A. Baldor will reflect on the AI Summit, an industry-first event focused on all things AI for the AEC industry, and share exclusive insights derived from the event, including:

  • How to strike a balance between the critical priorities you face today and navigating uncharted waters to strategically position your business for future success
  • What the first few steps on your AI journey can look like and what AI essentials you’ll want in place to achieve long-term success
  • Why traditional business models will be upended with the rise of AI and how to explore new ideas for the future of the industry
  • Examples of real AI use cases happening in our industry that you can implement at your own firm