As a rising star in your firm, you may be interested in new types of education and events for the next level of A/E professional. We invite you to take advantage of the Young Professional rate at ACEC’s Annual Convention and Legislative Summit, May 13-16, 2024, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, in Washington, D.C. and register today!

You don’t want to miss your opportunity to be in the mix, but you’ll need your supervisor’s approval before you can secure your spot at the Convention. You’ll need to make a clear, strong case about how your attendance is going to add value to your organization. By showing your knowledge of the event and its benefits, and by providing specifics about what you aim to learn, you’ll be more likely to be successful in your request.

Here are steps you can take to make your request to attend compelling:

  1. Research the event:

Understanding what’s being offered at the Annual Convention will give you the ability to confidently talk about the benefits. Review the website  to learn about the sessions, meetings, and speakers.

  1. Draft an agenda:

Create a list of the sessions, meetings, and events you’d like to attend so you can demonstrate that the event is relevant to your role and will equip you with valuable learning and networking opportunities. Here is the full schedule of events that may be of specific interest.

You are also invited to join your home states in visits to your representatives and senators on Capitol Hill to advocate for the needs of our industry.

  1. Include the benefits of attending:
    • Top-tier keynote sessions on the current political landscape and how it will impact our projects and businesses.
    • Sessions highlighting research on economic outlooks, the shifting landscape in ownership trends, and the future of artificial intelligence and its application to our industry.
    • Briefings on transportation infrastructure, updates on federal environmental regulations, and open roundtables on best business practices from our industry leaders.
  1. Create a list of goals:

Your goals can address how attending the Convention will help you learn and grow in your role, will support your company’s mission, or help solve specific problems at your firm.

  1. Outline the costs:

Be clear about the full cost of the event, so your supervisor can make an informed decision when considering the budget.

  1. Send a request to your boss via email:

Put your request in writing. Describe the benefits of the event, provide details about location and timing, and make a strong case for your attendance. Include your goals, sample agenda, and anticipated costs.

Download a sample letter you can use to convince your boss of the value of sending you to the Annual Convention.

We hope you’ll consider joining us in Washington, DC at the premier event for A/E professionals and emerging leaders and especially encourage you to register with the discounted rate for Young Professionals. We look forward to seeing you in May!