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Open to all Full and Wednesday Daily attendees.


Reframing ESG: How to Talk about ESG, Minimize Backlash, and Grow Favorability

Michael Maslansky, CEO, maslansky + partners, Author

We live in a post-trust era, where the public is more skeptical than ever of institutions, their motives, and their messages. In this environment, the rules for communicators have changed. For years, consumers demanded more from corporations, which led to momentum for socially responsible policies and ESG investing.

Partisan ESG backlash has caused a reevaluation, with companies left with a difficult choice – do we back away, sit still, or move forward? Extensive research on ESG perceptions and messaging shows that while the current narrative around ESG is six feet under, the components behind it are alive and well.

Michael will draw upon this research and his experience counseling Fortune 500 corporations, industry associations, and non-profits to map out a new playbook you can use to help frame your responsible business efforts in a way that improves the corporate brand with consumers and minimizes the risks of backlash. This General Session will help you to understand the public mood, challenge conventional wisdom, and transform not just what to say to key audiences – but how to say it.

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Following Michael Maslansky’s presentation, ACEC Board Chair, Jay Wolverton will moderate a panel session featuring industry leaders delving into ESG practices, specifically focused on AE companies. Gain valuable insights and strategies on navigating this sensitive yet crucial subject, addressing sustainability and ethical leadership in the industry.  Included on the panel is:

Lisa Brothers, President & CEO, Nitsch Engineering

Gayle Packer, Chair, CEO & President of Terracon


Providing Engineering Services using Lump Sum Contracts- A Study on Opportunities and Challenges

Mike Carragher, Board Chair, ACEC Research Institute and Chair & CEO, VHB ; Kevin McMahon, Senior Research Consultant, ACEC Research Institute


Hear a preview of a soon to be released study by the ACEC Research Institute addressing opportunities, challenges and common ground using Lump Sum Contracting. Perspectives from both the owner/client and engineering firm community will be shared. A summary of key lessons learned and recommendations for the technology-oriented future will be provided.

ACEC/PAC Sweepstakes Drawing

Annual ACEC/PAC Spring Sweepstakes winners will be drawn and a total of $50,000 in prizes will be awarded.