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Open to all Full, Monday Daily and Guest attendees.

Welcome Dinner: The Power of Story and Song

Miguel Cervantes, Alexander Hamilton in Broadway’s “Hamilton,” Actor & Advocate

In this unique experience, critically acclaimed actor and singer, Miguel Cervantes taps into the power of performance and storytelling to break down the boundary between the stage and the audience and share profound lessons on purpose, resilience, and making dreams a reality. Cervantes peels back the curtain with fascinating stories from his journey to being cast as Alexander Hamilton in the theatrical masterpiece Hamilton, and is unafraid to be vulnerable with audiences and let them in on the setbacks and personal tragedy he faced on the way up, including the loss of his young daughter. In between Cervantes’ relatable stories, which are sure to strike a chord, he gets audiences moving with soul-stirring musical interludes on either the acoustic guitar and keyboard, or with his band, the HamJams. Cervantes takes groups on an interactive and emotional journey that will inspire everyone in the room to step out of their comfort zones, embrace adversity and the lessons it has to offer, and write their stories however they see fit.

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