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Election Reform

Kevin Kosar, Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

You may have read news stories about cities and states experimenting with ranked choice voting, final-four voting and other structural election reforms. What are these reforms and why have they become a thing? The American Enterprise Institute’s Kevin Kosar will explain the what and why of these reforms, and he hypothesizes that they are a market response to growing widespread dissatisfaction with American governance.

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U.S. Political Landscape and the Upcoming Election

Mara Liasson, National Political Correspondent, NPR

When it comes to politics and elections, Mara Liasson is one of the most trusted voices in political journalism. In her positions as Political Contributor for Fox News, National Political Correspondent for NPR, and the host of several award-winning news magazines, Liasson wields the experience needed to provide audiences with a solid understanding of the issues.

Serving as White House correspondent during the Clinton Administration and covering every presidential election from 1992 to 2016 for NPR, Liasson will deliver a candid perspective on how the media impact the politics and policy issues facing the country today and will provide insight into the upcoming election.

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